SAAB - (9-3 OG, 900 NG) Front control arm uniball kit
  • Stock soft rubber bushings are not engineered appropriately for a performance driving. Powerful FWD cars are prone to significant torque steer, due to deformation of rubber bushings. GMS uniballs are the solution. They provide zero deformation, zero dynamic alignment changes and superb handling.

    Under heavy cornering, acceleration or braking, front arm rubber bushings cannot withstand the forces transferred from tires to the suspension and the arms, so they flex, which causes a massive dynamic alignment changes and therefor the front end of the car is prone to torque steer, feels floaty, disconnected and unpredictable at the limit. The more grip and torque the car produces, more noticeable the problem gets. Replacing stock rubber bushings with this high quality, custom made, uniball joints is the solution. No more torque steer, clunking noises, short lifespan of rubber bushings and numb steering feedback.


    Pressing tool available optional.


    This upgrade is suitable for any 1996-1998 Saab 900 & 1999-2003 Saab 9-3 owner for street, track or race use.


    Includes 2x uniballs for both front control arms.


    SAAB - (9-3 OG, 900 NG) Front control arm uniball kit

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      • Unmatched handling precision.
      • CNC machined steel housing.
      • Heat treated interior cross axis joint.
      • Self lubricating design with interior grease.
      • Rubber seals for weather proof use.
      • Long life span.
      • Weight 495g / pair.
      • Maintenance free.
      • Sold as a set (2 inner bushings for both front control arms).
      • Laser engraved GMS logo.
      • Fits all 1996-1998 Saab 900 & 1999-2003 Saab 9-3.
      • Pressing tool optional.