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ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Start & Stop deactivator
  • in OEM format, you can temporary disable Start/Stop system by pressing Start & Stop button, but this stays active only until you turn off the engine. This simple upgrade will permanently disable Start & Stop system. You press button once and it's off until you press the button again.


    Why disabling the Start & Stop function?


    You probably own Giulia because you like the way it looks, drives and performs, not because it's fuel efficient right? Start-Stop systems are relatively new, but quickly became standard to fulfil ever increasing emission control demands in the automotive. But are they really that efficient? Sure, you spend less fuel with engine turned off than on when standing still, but what about the other aspects like wear and tear, reliability etc.? It's obvious that increased Stop-Start cycles lead to increased powertrain wear. A normal car without auto stop-start can expect about 50.000 stop-start cycles in its lifetime but with auto start-stop activated at every standstill, this figure can see as many as 500.000 cycles. This level of increase poses a threat to the durability of the engine components and bearings. For example, the crankshaft is a heavy component that will affect the start motor after multiple cycles. In motion, a thin oil film will create hydrodynamic lubrication, but when stopped the metal surfaces will come into contact. Stop-Start means the boundary condition (metal-to-metal contact) could happen 500.000 times rather than 50.000, where normal bearings would wear out far before this amount. Then there are rubber mounts etc. which are stressed significantly more every time engine starts than once it's running. Start & stop system also requires special battery, alternator and starter motor, so in the end it's hard to say that this system is actually efficient in fighting the emissions. Perhaps it is, but at what cost? Reliability, wear and tear? We prefer it off.

    ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Start & Stop deactivator

    € 55,00Prezzo
      • Permanently disables Start & Stop function
      • Can be re-enabled by pressing the button
      • Reversible
      • Suitable for all Alfa Romeo Giulia / Stelvio models
      • 100% plug and play
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