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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Steering rack bushing kit
  • GMS bushing kit for Alfa Romeo 4C steering rack is designed to replace rubber OEM bushings with stiffer compound bushing. GMS bushings feature alu housing and Ertalyte TX core for flex-free and long lasting performance. Upgrading these, provides improved steering feedback and less filtered steering wheel communication to the driver as the information from the road through the tire and to the steering wheel is more direct. 2-piece split construction, allows for easy plug and play installation.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Steering rack bushing kit

    € 140,00Prezzo
      • T6-6061 CNC machined 2-piece housing
      • Ertalyte TX CNC machined 2-piece bushing medium
      • Eliminates OEM rubber bushing in the steering rack
      • Improved steering feedback
      • Improved durability
      • Lightweight (72g GMS vs. 176g OEM)
      • GMS Argento anodized
      • Laser engraved GMS logo
      • Sold as a kit / pair (2x bushing)
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