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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Stage I ECU tune
  • GMS Stage I engine tune, developed in cooperation with Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Abarth ECU and TCU tuning specialized company - Reprog by D. Lorenzoni in Italy, extracts potent and reliable power and torque figures from Alfa Romeo's 1.75 TBi 4C engine.


    Arguably the ultimate engine tune on the market, for stock or lightly tuned Alfa Romeo - 4C engine. Why? Because we believe there is more to an engine tune than just dyno horsepower chart. Our tune reduces mid range turbo surge for extended turbo life. Effectively controls boost, peak torque and torque spikes for extended transmission life. Optimizes camshaft overlapping for reduced EGR effect. Optimizes boost for higher peak power of up to 281hp on 100% stock engine and up to 334hp with supporting mods (GMS 3" exhaust system, intercooler). All GMS tunes are based on our baseline tune, but each tune is optimized according to the customer's supporting mods (exhaust, intercooler, intake) and fuel grade (92, 95, 98, 100 RON or AKI). Each tune offers various options you can choose from and personalize your engine characteristics.


    GMS Stage I tune also incorporates various maps that are chosen via DNA selector. In AW and N, power, torque, boost and throttle response is reduced. In D and R mode, full boost, torque and power is available, along with sharper throttle response.


    You can opt for aggressive hard cut limiter (ignition cut) over standard soft cut (fuel cut) for more lively engine feel. Are there parts on a track that you are not sure whether you should shift or not? In OEM format, hitting the rpm limiter, cuts the fuel supply and bogs down the car, so shifting is a must. With GMS revised hard cut, hitting the limiter becomes a whole now experience now. The choice is your, shift or bounce of the limiter. There is no excessive bogging, so once you shift in higher gear, the shifts are far less abrupt and easier on the gearbox than before.


    Pops and bangs are optional too, for those who want to wreck havoc on the street and track. These can be easily controlled by throttle modulation. Drive normally with no abrupt throttle lift off and there will be no excessive noise. Push the car hard and abruptly lift off the throttle and the unburnt fuel in the exhaust system will cause pops and bangs.


    Finding OEM max rpm limit too conservative at 6600? With GMS tune you can opt for higher rpm limit set at 7250.


    GMS Stage I ECU tune provides less heat soak and better engine performance stability. It's powerful, but also easily driveable without any torque spikes or abrupt throttle modulation. Along with optional revised, more aggressive and higher set RPM limit for wider powerband this tune is offering the most you can extract from stock or lightly modified 4C engine.


    Power levels are now selectable via DNA selector. Race and Dynamic modes provide full power, torque and more responsive throttle control, while Natural and All-weather modes have limited power, torque and slower throttle response.


    *Pops and bangs, available as an option

    *Decat / high flow cat CEL (check engine light) delete, available as an option

    *Hard cut (ignition cut) limiter, available as an option

    *Higher max rpm limit set at 7250, available as an option

    *Clone ECU, available as an option (refurbished ECU will be sent to you)


    Users with fuel grade lower than 98 RON or 93 AKI, leave a note so we tune the map accordingly.

    Due to higher torque output, we strongly suggest upgrading the TCU unit to GMS TCU Stage I as well.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Stage I ECU tune

    PrezzoA partire da € 680,00
      • Up to 320hp with supporting mods (GMS 3" Modular exhaust systemGMS carbon CAI, upgraded intercooler)
      • Up to 281hp on 100% stock engine
      • More peak power
      • Higher rpm peak power
      • More stable engine power (reduced heatsoak)
      • Optimised torque curve for lower transmission stress
      • DNA selector enables various maps (AW and N modes provide limited power and torque, while D and R modes, provide unrestriced power and torque)
      • Revised rev limiter set at 7250rpm (*optional)
      • Hard cut limiter (*optional)
      • Burble / overrun / pops and bangs (*optional)
      • Decat / high flow cat CEL delete (*optional)
      • Clone ECU available as an option (refurbished ECU will be sent to you. Usually no need to send your OEM ECU in, but in some cases, due to version incompatibility we might need your ECU in as well)
      • RON 98, AKI93 or higher fuel grade required (or countries with lower fuel grade, custom tune available)
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