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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR carbon canards
  • GMS SLR Carbon canards provide additional downforce generated on the front axle at high speeds to help with front end stability, furthermore they promote air extraction from the front wheel arch area, prevent air flow delamination and reduce drag generated by the wheels. The vortexes generated by the canards also provide high pressure area around the car and help the side pods work more efficiently. However, perhaps the best feature, which unlocked as a bonus while we were designing the canards is, that by tweaking the angle of the canards, we were able to direct the generated vortexes behind the canard to the side inlet on the side of both flanks, theoretically increasing charge cooling and turbo cooling efficiency. At last but not least, this upgrade adds an aggressive look to the 4C's front end. They are designed to work with optimal efficiency when paired with GMS SLR adjustable carbon front splitter, but can be installed separately as well. Together with the rest of GMS carbon fiber aero parts, it makes 4C aero effective, fast and aggressive looking bolide.


    GMS SLR Canards are CAD designed for precise fitment, FEM optimized for supreme rigidity and minimal weight, and CFD optimized to achieve effective profile providing high downforce and relative low drag. The parts are shaped using 3D scanning and CAD modelling, to combine the 4C's timeless design, aggressive track aero package and efficiency. CFD estimated downforce is roughly 18kg for set of lower and upper canards at speed of 160 km/h. Weight is xxxg for set of lower canards and xxxg for set of upper canards. Installation can be made using adhesive tape or supplied rivets.


    All the parts are 100% pure carbon, without fiberglass core, tempered and cured, made of 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fiber to match the rest of the OEM carbon parts of your 4C. GMS SLR carbon canards are available in raw or high gloss clear coat finish.


    Whatever option you choose - smashing the lap time records, this upgrade will provide much needed front downforce, slightly reduced drag and aggressive look. Or just standing there attracting the views, it will make your 4C standout among the crowd. Choose whatever fits your style and needs, or if unsure, talk to us and we'll help you choose the best option for your needs.

    The grip is there, just embrace it and feel the downforce.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR carbon canards

    PrezzoA partire da € 490,00
      • Increased aero downforce (up to 18kg of downforce at 160km/h)
      • Low drag profile for minimal drag penalty
      • CAD designed for perfect fit
      • FEM optimized for superior rigidity and ultra low weight
      • CFD optimized for high downforce and relative low drag
      • Ultra low weight
        • 1xxg for lower set
        • 1xxg for upper set
      • 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fibre, tempered and cured
      • Pure carbon, without fiberglass core
      • Raw or optional high gloss clear coat finish
      • Available as lower set, upper set, or lower and upper set
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