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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR adjustable carbon front splitter
  • What is the effect of front splitter? Splitter, as name suggests, splits the air that a car drives into and forces the high pressure air up and the low pressure air to pass underneath the car. The high pressure air then pushes down on the car, resulting in downforce and increased traction on the front axle.


    GMS SLR adjustable carbon front splitter is designed with performance, efficiency, durability and lightness in mind. In terms of performance, the CFD simulation is estimating over 40kg of downforce at 160 km/h, which given the weight on the 4C's front axle, is enough to provide sufficient downforce on the front end to balance the understeer / oversteer characteristics for cars equipped with GMS carbon rear wing.


    To support all the generated downforce, splitter also features 6 length adjustable supporting rods which allow adjustment of the AOO (angle of attack from 0° to +5°) which can be used to fine tune and quickly adjust the setup for particular track layout and conditions.


    In terms of efficiency, the GMS SLR adjustable carbon front splitter also features splitter vertical dam to prevent the frontal air flowing between the front bumper and the undertray, greatly increasing its efficiency, translating into increased downforce while generating minimal drag penalty and top speed loss.


    In terms of durability and lightness, the GMS SLR adjustable carbon front splitter features multi sheet carbon fiber sandwich plate, providing supreme rigidity at extremely low weight. The splitter vertical dam is available in aluminum or carbon fiber (optional). To prevent damaging of the splitter at potential bottoming out, the splitter also features protective stainless steel (standard) or Titanium (optional) skid plate on the bottom side of the splitter. Entire assembly with carbon vertical dam and titanium skid plate weighs under 7.290g, which makes it the lightest and the most effective 4C splitter on the market, yet it can easily support the vertical load of well over 120kg, sufficient for speeds up to 300km/h (FEM simulated and static stress tested).


    With all the GMS supporting mods combined (GMS Carbon rear wing, GMS SLR carbon rear hood, GMS SLR carbon rear louver, QV Carbon front hood and the GMS SLR canards, the CFD estimated total downforce is roughly 160kg @ 160 km/h, while still not noticeably reducing top end speed due to drag penalty).


    The main plate is 100% pure multilayer 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fiber with high density PMI foam core. Carbon vertical dam is 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fiber, tempered and cured. Both parts are made to match the rest of the OEM carbon parts of your 4C. You can choose between raw or high gloss clear coat finish, optional carbon fiber splitter vertical dam and Titanium skid plate.


    Whatever option you choose, this upgrade will provide significantly increased front downforce and aggressive 4C looks. Smashing the laptime records or just standing there attracting the views. It will make your 4C a car that you can't miss. Choose whatever fits your style and needs, or if unsure, talk to us and we'll help you choose the best option for your needs.


    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - SLR adjustable carbon front splitter

    PrezzoA partire da € 1.990,00
      • Over 40kg of downforce at 160 km/h on a front axle
      • 0° to +5° adjustable AOA (angle of attack)
      • Alu CNC machined adjustable AOA rods
      • CNC machined carbon fiber parts for perfect fit
      • CFD optimized design for optimal downforce / drag ratio
      • Ultra low weight (7.290g with all the extra options)
      • High durability construction capable of over 120kg of vertical load
      • Integrated skid plate for nose protection (Stainless steel or Titanium)
      • Splitter vertical dam (Aluminum or carbon fiber)
      • Raw or high gloss finish
      • High precision built prepreg carbon parts for perfect fit
      • 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fibre sandwich plate and vertical dam to match 4C's OEM carbon fiber pattern
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