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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Rear firewall cover
  • OEM rear firewall cover comes at 1550g, while GMS lightweight rear firewall cover weighs only 159g, which makes it staggering 10x lighter. Its main purpose is to replace heavy OEM firewall and provide sound insulation from the engine compartment to the interior. The foam material is 50mm thick, to suppresses noises from the engine compartment and it also boasts fire retardant properties which makes it safe to use in hot engine environment where hazardous and flammable gasoline and oil are present.


    NOTE: This product is not intended to improve OEM sound insulation levels but to reduce weight. In terms of noise insulation only, OEM solution is superior.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Rear firewall cover

    € 110,00Prezzo
      • Superlight at only 159g vs. 1550g OEM
      • Fire retardant material
      • Sound proofing material
      • 50mm thickness
      • Precise machine cut for perfect fitment
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