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ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Coolant bleeding plug kit
  • Important reliability upgrade! Alfa Romeo Giulia / Stelvio with petrol engines (2.0T & 2.9T V6) and diesel engine (2.2 JTDm) use coolant bleeding plugs made of recycled plastic, which are prone to heat and coolant deterioration, causing them to commonly fail, spilling coolant fluid in the engine compartment and under the front hood, leaving you stranded on the side of the road or on the track. OEM plastic plugs are also not available separately, so entire hose lines must be purchased and replaced, unfortunately with the same item, again made of recycled plastic with limited lifespan.


    To address this reliability issue, GMS coolant bleeding kit features 1x M8 and 1x M6 (2.0T and 2.2 JDTm specific) aluminum T6-6061 CNC machined bleeding plugs with slotted M5 allen key and EPDM O-rings to replace OEM plastic plugs. Plugs are shot peened and anodized in GMS argento silver color.



    • 2.0T (1x M8 plug + 1x M6 plug + EPDM O-rings)
    • 2.2D (1x M8 plug + 1x M6 plug + EPDM O-rings)
    • 2.9T V6 (1x M8 plug + EPDM O-ring)


    Lifetime warranty!

    ALFA ROMEO - GIULIA / STELVIO - Coolant bleeding plug kit

    PrezzoA partire da € 19,00
      • T6-6061 CNC machined aluminum coolant bleeding plugs
      • 1x M8 plug + 1x M6 plug (2.0T and 2.2 JDTm specific) + set of EPDM O-rings
      • Shot peened
      • GMS argento silver anodized
      • Fits all Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio with 2.0T, 2.9T, 2.2 JTDm engine
      • No maintenance required
      • 100% plug and play
      • Lifetime warranty
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