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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Engine lowering kit
  • The CG (centre of gravity) is perhaps the single most critical area of any racing car weight consideration. CG must be as low as possible to the ground, not only because the weight acts through it, but also because all forces of acceleration, braking and cornering work through it. Lower CG means less body roll during cornering, less nose diving on braking and less squatting on acceleration.

    Alfa Romeo 4C has transverse mounted inline 4-cyl 1750 TBi engine in front of the rear axle. While 4C's extremely wide track - given it's wheelbase, greatly reduces body roll of the car, its mid-engined layout, suspension, chassis and engine design, make the engine sit relatively high from the ground, significantly contributing to undesirable, higher CG (center of gravity). As an answer to this engineering drawback, we have developed a simple and smart, plug and play solution to address this issue - GMS engine lowering kit.


    With GMS engine lowering kit, the engine height is lowered for approximately 10mm, providing lower CG, less body roll and generally improved handling overall.


    Kit includes lightweight, hollowed, T6-6061 waterjet cut, shot peened and silver anodized left and right upper engine mount lowering spacers, set of mounting hardware and optional - uprated lower engine mount (available in 3 different hardness compounds). Installation is 100% plug and play and requires no supporting modifications.


    Due to reduced clearance between the engine and the subframe, we strongly suggest upgrading OEM lower engine mount to the GMS lower engine mount.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Engine lowering kit

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