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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Drexler LSD
  • There are quite a few LSD (limited slip differential) options on the market for Alfa Romeo 4C, but Drexler LSD is the only clutch type on the market. This is the ultimate track oriented LSD. Why?

    Mechanical, clutch type LSD's are the type of LSD's that are used in every serious race car from rally cars to F1 cars and the reason for that is their effect on handling. Due to their preset, constant locking rate and preload, the clutch type LSD's are more predictable to drive than gear type (Torsen) type LSD's. Clutch type LSD's also have adjustable preload, lock ratio and lock percentage which can be adjusted accordingly.

    Our GMS spec's Drexler LSD for Alfa Romeo 4C is 1.5 (30/45) way LSD which means it locks 30% lock on acceleration which will greatly reduce the chance of inner wheel spin on tight corners and hairpins and 45% on deceleration which provides greatly improved stability during braking. This is a very good all aro