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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon rear wing
  • Want to go faster through the corners and brake later? Or perhaps take your opponents through the inner line? It's doable!


    GMS carbon rear wing is the ultimate aero add-on, to get your 4C planted at high-speed cornering. This race wing is mounted to the GMS carbon rear ducktail hood and has a span width of 1650mm and chord width of 225mm. It has adjustable AOA (angle of attack) which ranges from 1° - 17° to provide more or less downforce, depending of your requirements and track layout. It's ultralight weight. The entire assembly weighs only 2590g (SLR version) and 3190g (SLT version), yet it is capable of supporting high levels of downforce due to its rigid construction and internal reinforcement chambers. Thanks to internal reinforcements and triangular design of the rear ducktail, the GMS carbon rear ducktail hood provides significant rigidity increase over OEM hood and provides required strong and rigid attachment points for the wing, yet in combination with GMS rear louver, weighs only 30% (3980g) of the OEM hood assembly (12590g).


    The wing is big, but it's curved and shaped to match the 4C's design, so the entire wing fits within the car's boundaries, looking smooth, blending with car's appearance. It’s important to know that the bigger the wing, the less aggressive the AOA can be, to make it efficient and therefore we can keep the drag under control. In our case, the CFD analyzes have shown that this wing produces 100kg of downforce at 160kmh when set to 12° AOT, yet it consumes only 6bhp as a consequence of parasitic drag loss. That means that the benefit of added aero grip far surpasses the loss of top speed, which means faster lap times.


    The GMS carbon rear wing is constructed entirely of 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fiber, tempered and cured and has internal reinforcement chambers to form a solid and rigid shape, yet lightweight. The entire assembly has been stress tested to ensure it can withstand significant amount of downforce.  


    All the wing parts are 100% pure carbon, without fiberglass core and the carbon fiber fabric is carefully hand laid to match the look of the rest of the OEM carbon parts on your 4C. The GMS carbon rear wing is available in either raw carbon or optional 3x clear coat finish, while the mounting hardware is available in SLR (carbon mounts, carbon end plates, alu bolts, alu washers, alu nuts) for those looking for ultralightweight solution, or standard SLT version (alu mounts, alu end plates, stainless steel bolts and washers).


    So, how does it work? 


    We are limited by mechanical grip (tire width and compound), but what we can do is increase aero grip. Significantly. By creating downforce on the car, we increase the vertical force on the car towards the ground, increasing the friction between the tires and the surface, meaning we increase grip of the tires, yet not affecting the centrifugal force in any negative way, as we haven't increased the actual car's weight. The same principle (Bernoulli) that allows an airplane to rise off the ground by creating lift with the wings is used to apply vertical downforce that presses the race car against the surface of the track. On the cars we are using actually a reversed airplane wing shape. This creates high pressure area above the wing and low pressure area under the wing. Both forces combined, create downforce, a suction effect, pulling the car to the ground, increasing aero grip.


    How does aero work on 4C particularly?


    It works very well because the 4C is very light so added aero greatly benefits the performance, the grip. Generating 100kg of downforce on a car that weighs 1000kg is 100% more effective than generating 100kg of downforce on 2000kg car. In other words, the 1000kg 4C with same wing as a 2000kg car, will benefit twice as much from it, because if we, thanks to the downforce, increase our cornering speed for 10%, with the heavier - 2000kg car, we will only be able to increase it for 5%, yet the drag will remain the same. Once again, lightness is the key and by adding aero we can embrace it so much more.

    Simplified and generic explanation of aero dynamics of 4C in numbers:

    With properly CFD engineered and designed ducktail that GMS carbon rear hood provides, the CFD analyze shows 20kg - 30kg of downforce at 160 km/h with the GMS carbon rear ducktail hood alone. It might not seem like much but it definitely affects the handling and adds stability at high speed corners. But this is not where we stop. By adding properly CFD engineered and designed single element, curved GMS carbon rear wing, the 4C will produce additional 50kg of downforce at 160 km/h at only 2° AOA (angle of attack), yet it will only take away about 3 hp (drag). With more aggressive AOA at about 12°, the estimated downforce is over 100kg at speed of 160 km/h, while parasitic power loss as a result of increased drag is still estimated at only about 6hp. This is as effective wing as you can mount on 4C, within the car's limits (not protruding of the car's body anywhere).




    At 160 km/h, the GMS carbon rear hood with integrated ducktail wing generates 20kg - 30kg of downforce alone. With added GMS carbon rear wing, the downforce is further increased for additional 55kg - 101kg at 160km/h. At this speed, with both elements combined, the 4C will generate well over 120kg of downforce at the rear of the car, making the rear end significantly more planted at high speed cornering. This is simply all the downforce your 4C will ever need to let you outpace your opponents and set new lap time benchmarks, without hurting your top speed due to excessive drag. This upgrade provides significantly increased rear downforce and aggressive race car look. Smashing the lap time records or just standing there attracting the views. It will make your 4C a car that you can't miss. Choose whatever fits your style and needs or if unsure talk to us and we'll help you choose the best option for your needs.


    The grip is there, just embrace it and feel the downforce.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon rear wing

    PrezzoA partire da € 2.390,00
      • Ultimate aero add on to get your 4C planted at high speed cornering
      • 1650mm span length and 225mm chord width
      • Adjustable downforce
        • Adjustable AOT (angle of attack) from 1° - 17°
        • Adjustable downforce from 50kg to over 100kg (at 160 km/h)
      • Low drag, high downforce profile and CFD analyzed design for optimal airstream.
      • SLR version (ultralightweight at 2590g)
        • Carbon rear wing
        • Carbon side mounts
        • Carbon end plates
        • Aluminum bolts and nuts
      • SLT version (lightweight at 3190g)
        • Carbon rear wing
        • Alu side mounts
        • Alu end plates
        • Stainless steel bolts and nuts
      • High rigidity (capable of more than 180kg of vertical load)
      • High precision built carbon part for perfect fit and looks.
      • 2x2 Twill 3k carbon fiber, tempered and cured.
      • Pure carbon, without fiberglass core.
      • Internal reinforcement chambers for ultimate rigidity.
      • All aluminum T6-6061 brackets, incognito black anodized and laser engraved logo
      • Requires GMS carbon rear hood to fit
      • Optional natural carbon glossy finish with 3x clear coating or raw carbon
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