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ALFA ROMEO - 4C - QV carbon front hood
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: As this is a handcrafted item, we are doing our best to fulfill all the backorders as per our best capabilities in the shortest possible time, but please allow for slightly longer fulfilment time. GMS team thanks you for your patience.

    GMS QV carbon front hood is here. All the weight reduction, aero downforce and cooling increase you ever wanted.


    The GMS QV carbon front hood is based on the concept of the official Alfa Romeo 4C QV prototype. Hood is CAD designed and CFM optimized, featuring central venting opening to match the 4C's timeless design and ready to support further upgrades of aero and drag efficiency. Each GMS QV carbon front hood is made of 100% prepreg carbon fiber, without fiberglass core, carefuly crafted for precise fitment. Product requires minimal post processing in raw version and none in high gloss 3x clear coating finish which comes as an option. The GMS QV carbon hood includes height adjuster holes, front lock holes, windscreen washer nozzle openings and internal reinforcements to prevent warping and vibration of the hood at high speeds.


    For those primarily looking to visualy enhance their 4C, reduce weight and improve cooling efficiency, this upgrade alone does the job. For track focused users, aiming to take this upgrade to higher level in terms of performance and significantly increase aero grip at the front - downforce, there are additional supporting mods available that benefit in combination with the hood. GMS SLR carbon vented fenders, GMS inverted radiator with cooling channels, GMS SLR carbon canards and GMS SLR adjustable carbon front splitter). With these supporting mods the air flow speed through radiator is  CFD simulated to increase for approximately 37%, as all the air entering through the front grill, is now routed to exit above the car and side vents of the fenders, instead of under the car, reducing undesired lift. Rerouting of the air significantly improves car's aerodynamics in terms of downforce and provides higher downforce gains than any aftermarket front lip or canard combined, yet it reduces the drag penalty. With all the GMS supporting mods combined, the CFD estimated total downforce is roughly 60kg @ 160 km/h, on the front axle, making this a serious downforce upgrade for cars equipped with GMS Carbon rear wing.


    Weight of this carbon fiber hood comes at barely 2940g (raw), compared to 12590g for OEM front hood. That is 9650g of weight saving over OEM hood!


    You can choose between raw or 3x high gloss clear coat finish, add optional center vent split blade (aesthetical add-on) and front hood alu mesh (weight reduction).


    Whichever option you choose, this upgrade will provide significantly weight reduction and increased front downforce (*with supporting mods), increased cooling capacity and add aggressive OEM 4C QV look - the car that was never released by Alfa Romeo. Smashing the laptime records or just standing there attracting the views. It will make your 4C a car that you can't miss. Choose whatever fits your style and needs or if unsure, talk to us and we'll help you choose the best option for your needs.


    Supporting mods for increased downforce and reduced drag:


    The grip is there, just embrace it and feel the downforce.

    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - QV carbon front hood

    PrezzoA partire da € 2.970,00
    Accepting new orders. Expected lead time 60 - 90 days.
      • Increased aero downforce (*with supporting mods)
      • CFD optimized design for optimal air flow of center vent
      • Increased cooling
      • Ultra low weight (2940g raw GMS QV carbon front hood vs. 12590g OEM front hood)
      • Reduced center of gravity and inertia moment
      • Designed to replace OEM front hood
      • CAD designed and CNC machined moulds for high precision fitment tolerances
      • High precision weaving matched to OEM carbon fiber pattern
      • 2x2 Twill 3K prepreg carbon fibre, tempered and cured without fiberglass core
      • Optional high gloss 3x clear coat finish
      • Optional center vent split blade
      • Optional front hood alu mesh
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