ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon CAI (Cold air intake)


    In terms of performance, the GMS Carbon CAI is fully made of carbon fiber piping and bracket and weighs almost 5x less than OEM assembly - 690g GMS vs 3230g OEM. It provides 32% higher air flow, most noticable in upper rpm range. It delivers slightly higher peak power and provides lower IAT (intake air temperature) due to short intake path and low positioned air filtering element with fresh air inlet. In terms of aesthetics, it features a single piece fully carbon fiber piping with integrated bracket and high flow dual cone performance air filter. In terms of sound it cranks up the induction noise volume and BOV / purge valve sounds, but not making it too intrusive. Fitment is 100% plug and play.


    Onboard sound clip:


    ALFA ROMEO - 4C - Carbon CAI (Cold air intake)

    € 570,00Prezzo
      • 32% higher air flow
      • 5x less weight (690g) vs. OEM (3230g)
      • Single piece fully carbon fiber piping and integrated bracket
      • Lower IAT (Intake air temperature)
      • Improved induction and BOV / purge valve noise