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4x4 Off-road
  • Bored of sport cars and pavement? Want to explore Slovenia, but don't want to be a casual tourist, standing in the line for overcrowded attractions?

    Join us on a 4x4 off-road adventure and experience amazing Slovenian scenery and wildlife with local guide. We'll take the GMS 4x4 rig over rocks, through tight forest passes, rivers, mud, underground passages, green forests and steep hill climbs. We'll explore glorious caves, historical monuments, World War I and II ruins, old castles and forts, take a swim in natural swimming pools and wild rivers.


    Hungry? Forget the overpriced restaurants and let's enjoy a delicous steaks, grilled on a natural camp fire. Enjoy this culinary experience, being surronded by endless greenery and beauty of the nature.


    GMS 4x4 Off-road experience is excellent compensation for your busy and over-scheduled routine  and can be tailored according to your wishes. It's 100% convenient (just sit in and we'll take care of the rest). Our FIA licensed driver will take you for a drive, or if you want, you can also try to handle the 4x4 beast on your own, with instructor present to guide you through the challenging paths.


    This experience is suitable for everyone and perfect idea for a gift or vacation. For best experience it's best to book at least 3-days, to fully explore the beauties of Slovenia.


    Pricing and other important information in the additional info section.

    4x4 Off-road

    SKU: GMS4X4
    € 190,00Prezzo
      • 190,00€ / day
        • be driven (passenger) or drive for yourself (with instructor)
        • take up to 3 people with you (surcharge 30€ / person)
        • food and drink included
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